Year One, Summer: The Stroganov Family

Previous Post / Next Post Natalia Stroganov realized she was expecting her first child. She had no morning sickness and the baby had quickened as the weather warmed, just as her clothes had to be let out. As summer began, she felt that she spent all her time either eating or sleeping; she just couldn’t […]

Year One, Summer: New to Ayre

Previous Post / New Post The first new residents to Ayre this summer are its first Merchant family, the Stroganovs. Leonid, an ambitious man of trade, hopes to start a thriving merchant guild in Ayre, and is willing to start from the ground up by developing Ayre’s rudimentary market. During the summer, with the patronage […]

Year One, Summer: The Weekly Market

Previous Post / Next Post To find space for the weekly market, foundling home, blacksmith, merchant, and mid-summer faire grounds, I had to move the fence line back. With the patronage of Lord Alban Stirwuard solidified through Lady Jane Chevalier’s oath of fealty, Ayre also has a new town gate with guard tower. Right now, […]