Year One, Spring: The Forester Family

Previous Post / Next Post Rhett Forester’s wife wasn’t speaking to him, which made for a tense and quiet morning meal, especially with the baby, Idonae, still in her crib asleep. The family had been rudely awoken to the unfamiliar stench of goat dung and the sound of bleating. He wasn’t sure if Eva was […]

Year One, Spring: The Chevalier Family

Previous Post / Next Post One day early in the Spring, Lady Rosalind heard an explosion in the kitchen, and ran to see what had happened. Feeling panicked, she whirled around, looking for help, or a bucket of water. Brice, one of the men-at-arms, heard her cries and ran in, but he couldn’t find any […]

Year One, Spring: The Wise Family

Previous Post / Next Post Next Wise Family Post Gertrude Wise worked in her herb garden, pulling weeds and harvesting early flowering pennyroyal, St John’s Wort, and valerian.  This felt like a stolen moment, with the rest of the noisy family gone to the village green to fetch water.  She could hear her twin brothers’ […]

Sims of Ayre

Royal Steward (not randomly rolled) Alban Stirwuard, Fortune, Scorpio Eithne Stirwuard, Family, Peasant Family #1, Foragers:  The Berrys   Zelda, Fortune, Scorpio Deirdre, Pleasure, Leo- died Summer, Year One *Hilda, Knowledge, Taurus (Healer) Alfred, Knowledge, Scorpio Esmerelda, Popularity, Virgo Cassie, Fortune, Taurus Harold, Popularity, Libra Mari, Knowledge, Virgo Peasant Family #2, Goat herders:  The Gothards Gabe, […]