Year One, Summer: New to Ayre

Previous Post / New Post The first new residents to Ayre this summer are its first Merchant family, the Stroganovs. Leonid, an ambitious man of trade, hopes to start a thriving merchant guild in Ayre, and is willing to start from the ground up by developing Ayre’s rudimentary market. During the summer, with the patronage […]

Year One, Summer: The Weekly Market

Previous Post / Next Post To find space for the weekly market, foundling home, blacksmith, merchant, and mid-summer faire grounds, I had to move the fence line back. With the patronage of Lord Alban Stirwuard solidified through Lady Jane Chevalier’s oath of fealty, Ayre also has a new town gate with guard tower. Right now, […]

Year One, Spring: Recap

Previous Post / Next Post If you aren’t sure if you’ve read all the spring updates, be aware that the recap contains spoilers (probably not heartbreaking, but still…). The Table of Contents is a good place to check if you caught all the spring updates. At the end of Round 1, $65 more, paid to […]