Year One, Spring: The Porter Family

Previous Post / Next Post Giles Porter had a rough spring. First, I need to catch you, the reader, up. When Giles first went to the Hefty Hedgehog to open on Monday night, he was not the owner, he was a visitor! I figured the deed must be in James’ inventory!  The game had forced […]

Year One, Spring: The Berry Family

Previous Post / Next Post In the tiny settlement of Ayre, in a woodsy cottage, live three elderly foragers who have taken in five orphans during the plagues and wars of recent years.  The local representative of the crown, Alban Stirwuard, is determined to refill the royal coffers as quickly as possible, but the population […]

Week Three: Castles in the Ayre

Previous Post / Next Post HoodReplace First order of business this week was to figure out how to get Mootilda’s Hood Replace to work so I can have and keep an up-to-date build version of Ayre as I go along.  Bethsmail2007 encouraged me to use it and after finally getting it to work, it is, […]